KHUBANI fruit (AprIcot) affective on Digestive system, Laxative, Diuretic, Anti-diarrhoeal and tonics.:

Khubani fruit (Aprcot) affective on Digestive system :

Prunus armeniaca Linn.

Family : Rosaceae

About Khubani:

In India khubani (Khubani ka meetha) very famous dish in marriages and other functions. Actually word Khubani is Unani name, the common name in Hindi and Urdu also same as Khubani. Arabic name is Mishmish.

Botanical description

A deciduous tree of medium size.Leaves broadly ovate, and twigs glamorous. Petiole about 2.5 cm long glandular; stipples lanceolate. Flowers appearing b3fore leaves, solitary or fascicled; Pericles very short petals sub-orbicular.Stamens inserted at the mouth of the calyx tube. Ovary and base of the style hairy. Drupe glabrous, yellow to red in colour, stone smooth with thick margin.

Parts used : Leaves, Fruit and seeds.

System affected : Digestive system.

Medical Properties :

1. Khubani act as demulcent, Laxative and refrigerant.
2. Relieves obstruction in the digestive system
3. Relieves fevers of bilious origin.
4. Leaves are used for diuretic, anti diarrhoeal and anthelmentic.
5. Fruits are used for Allays thrust, effective against biliousness and bilious fevers and act as a laxative.
6. Seeds are used for Nutritive purpose, used in tonics and confections.

Nutritive values (Fresh Fruit):

Proteins            : 1.0 gm
Fat                    : 0.3 gm
Minerals           : 0.7 gm
Crude Fibre      : 1.1 gm
Carbohydrates  :11.6 gm
Iron                  : 2.2 gm
Calcium           :20.0 gm
Phosphorus      :25.0 gm

Nutritive values (Dry Fruit):

Proteins            : 1.6 gm
Fat                    : 0.7 gm
Minerals           : 2.8 gm
Crude Fibre      : 2.1 gm
Carbohydrates  :73.4 gm
Iron                  : 4.6 gm
Calcium           :110.0 gm
Phosphorus       :70.0 gm

Values are per 100 gm of edible portion.
Sorce : Nutritive Vale of Indian Foods
        National Institute of Nutrition, ICMR, Hyderabad, TG State, India.

Note:The information given is meant for educational purpose only.

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