The Cholera disease caused by contaminated food, water and because of poor sanitation system and hygiene. 

Effect of this disease develop severe Vomiting, severe watery Diarrhoea and then extreme dehydration and kidney failure, Cramping, which leads to death of those who cannot keep properly hydrated as their immune system fights the disease. 

The following steps are useful to save our-self from cholera disease.

1. First we should take care ourself when we enter in home have to wash our hands properly with soap or hand wash. and  wash our legs also.

2. Avoid to go areas that lack of cleanness,  bad sanitation and crowd areas. 

3. We should keep surrounding clean and educate every person in the colony about hygiene and good sanitation.

4. In addition to community out reach  and awareness campaigns the importance of personal hygiene specially hand wash.

5. We should take care about wastages and keep in closed dustbin and hand over to municipal person. 

6. Clean food preparation areas and kitchen ware with soap and safe water and let dry completely before use.

7. Use safe water to brush your teeth and wash.

8. Cook food well and keep it covered and eat hot.

9. If you are travelling to an area where cholera is existing, your chances of catching the disease, if you
  • Wash your hands when ever you want o eat food or drink water
  • Avoid dairy food.
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetable that you can peel your self.
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