CEDAR (BER) - heal wounds and syphilitic ulcers; good in liver complaints, stomatitis and bleeding gums; cure asthma.

 CEDAR OR LOTE - TREE : (Jujube or Ziziphus)


Cedar (Eng.)
Cedre (Fr.)
Zeder (Ger.)
Cedrus (Lat.)
Sedr (Pers.)
Ber (Unani)
Shajaratul-Allah, Arz, Arz al-Rab. Arz al-Lbanaon (Arab.)
Ber (Urdu)

Botanical name :

Cedrus libani Loud.
(Family : Pinaceae)

Parts used : Fruits, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark and root.

System Affected : Respiratory and circulatory.

Specific Action : Emollient and blood purifier.

Botanical Description

A large ever green tree of variable size, grows up to 15 mts. or more in height. Low shrubby form is common. Bark rough, grey or dull black; leaves variable, oblong-elliptic, ovate or sub-orbicular, closely serrulate or entire, prominently three nerved; Flowers in axillary cymes, greenish yellow; drupes oblong globose or ovoid, red, orange or yellow in colour.

Medical Properties :

Leaves - Anthelmintic; heal wounds and syphilitic ulcers; good in liver complaints, stomatitis and bleeding gums; cure asthma.

Flowers - Are made into collyrium and can be used in eye troubles.

Fruit - Unripe fruit reduces expectoration and biliousness; increases thirst. Ripe fruit is sweet and sour, useful for wounds and ulcers and in fevers, causes diarrhoea in large doses.

Seeds - Astringent, tonic to the heart and brain; allys thirst.

Note:The information given is meant for educational purpose only.


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