1.Adulteration with water (Milk):

The presence of water can be deducted by putting a drop of milk on a slating surface.

Result : The drop of pure milk flows slowly leaving a (mark) white trail behind it.
              Where as milk adulterated with water will flow immediately without leaving a mark.

2. Adulteration milk with Urea:

Test :     Take a teaspoon of milk in a test tube, add half teaspoon of soybean or Arhar powder.
              Mix the contents thoroughly by shaking the test tube.

Result:  Change in colour from red to blue indicates the presence of urea in milk.

3. Adulterate with Starch:

            Add few drops of tincture of Iodine or Iodine solution.
            Formation of blue colour indicates the presence of Starch.

4. Synthetic Milk :

            It has a bitter taste, gives a soapy feeling on rubbing it between the fingers and
            tuns yellowish on heating.
           Test for protein :

           Milk can easily be tested by Urease Strip (Available in Medical Stores),
           The colour of chart of the Urease Strip test shows the quantity of urea present in milk.


  •   Neurological disorders, directly effecting the function of Heart, Kidney and Digestive systems.
  • Girls attain puberty at an early age.
  • Breast development in boys.

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