Benefit from Skin of fruits and vegetables.

Benefit from fruits & vegetables, Skin of fruits and vegetables.

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 People are not giving the value of the skin of of a fruit or vegetable in modern life. But the skin is very useful to us if we use in a proper manner.

The following skin of fruits & Vegetables are very useful to us.

1. Almond skin and acacea (Babool) skin and seeds mix fry lightly and grind. Add less salt to this powder and apply on tooth. It is good for toothache.

2. Take two spoonful of Pomegranate skin powder add same quantity Jagiry and mix it  make tablets. Use this tablets for some time and you will get ride of pain from Piles.  

3. Chew skin of pomegranates for cough and will give good result.

4. Take powder of pomegranate skin and add curd made thick paste and apply on hair for soft hair.

4(a). Pomegranate:

Prepare whole (with skin) Pomegranate juice mix with Honey and take before breakfast for fever.
Take 50 gms. of pomegranate seeds, 10 gms of dried ginger, 10 gms of black salt and 10 gms of white zeera (  )  grind them  for powder and take 5 gms of powder after lunch and dinner. It is useful to improve good digestive system.
Grind dry pomegranate leaves, useful for strengthen and brightness the Teeth.
It is better to use whole pomegranate juice as a paste on gum for pyorrhoea.

5. If you take powder of bottle guard juice with water and drink for weight loss

6. and used bottle guard for control high blood pressure.

7. Used bottle guard for combat excessive thrust in diabetic patients.

8. Used for digestive and constipation.

9. Used as remedy for diarrhoea.

10. And it is used for reducing liver inflammation..

11. Apply Papaya's skin on body and crack heal become soft.

12. Rub gently with Banana's skin on face for pimples and make it paste and apply on face for glow.


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