HONEY : is maintaining a healthy Cardiovascular System, effective broad-spectrum anti-bacterial gent, healing wounds, reduces pain, oedema etc.

Health tips - medical value of HONEY

For thousands of years honey has been in use of many ancient civilizations for various purposes. The Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Indians have all been using honey to treat different ailments. It is mentioned in religious scriptures like VedasTalmud and Bible, But it is the holy Quran that has very clearly stated in Sura (Verses) Al Nahl that there is healing in honey.

Medical benefits :

When the modern scientific community started experimenting with honey, a lot of data supporting its therapeutic properties got published in standard scientific journals. Authentic research data obtained from lab experiments, clinical trials and case studies constitute the evidence that support the use of honey as medicine.

In the realm of sound healing, clinical trials and lab studies provide convincing evidence that honey is not only an effective broad-spectrum anti- bacterial agent but also provides rapid autolytic debridement, deodorizes wounds and stimulates the growth of wound tissues to hasten healing. It also started the healing process in dormant wounds that has stopped responding to conventional antibiotics.

It provides moist healing environment with no risk of wound tissues and prevents the sticking of dressings to the wound bed so that no pain or tissue damage occurs when the dressings are changed.

Its anti-inflammatory activity has been found to reduce painoedema and exudates and minimizes hyper tropic scaring.

Apart from its various therapeutics properties due to its chemical composition, honey also provides support by stimulating the immune system.

Glucose and antioxidants present in honey in natural form play an important role preserving and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.
It treats cutaneous dehydration and many other dermal cosmoceutical problems. It also nourishes and improves the tone of skin.

Trials confirming its positive effect in the treatment of gastro-intestinal, oral and eye problems have also been recorded.


SPECIFIC GRAVITY: specific gravity is mainly depend upon the water content of the honey and the other factors which have slight effect on it are the floral sources from which the bee collects the nectar.

Water contain (%)                   Specific Gravity
            15                                            1.4350
            18                                            1.4171

Viscosity depends on the floral source, temperature and water content of honey. An analytical break down to show the variability of viscosity depends upon the above parameters is given below.
Floral Source                           Viscosity (at 25 and 16.5 degree Centigrade)
Sage                                                    115.0
Sweet Clover                                       87.5
White Clover                                       94.0

Temperature (Degree Centigrade)    Viscosity (at 16.1 % water)
13.7                                                     600.0
29.0                                                       68.4
39.4                                                       21.4
48.1                                                       10.7
71.1                                                         2.6
It is evident from the above figures that viscosity decreases with rise in temperature.  


The colour of honey depends on its mineral contents and is characteristic of its floral source. Light coloured honey has mild flavour and the dark coloured honey usually has strong flavour. The colour of honey ranges from water white to dark amber.


Higher temperature tends to lose its flavour and aromas hence avoid storing it near heat sources. A shelf life of 2 years is often stated for all practical purposes. Proper processing, packing and storing, allows honey to retain its quality for a long time.  
(Source: National Honey Board)  
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