HAREE PYAZ (Patti) - (Cymbopogon schoenanthus Spring) - useful in liver and stomach problems; antidote to venomous stings, bites etc., helpful in treatment of tumours and cancers.

Medical Tips: Antistress Effects of Extract Cymbopogon schoenanthus Spring Benefits

Cymbopogon schoenanthus Spring

Family : poaceae

Arabic Name : Idhkhir
Unani Name : Izkhir
English Name : Camel grass, Camel hay
Hindi Name : Aghin ghas, Ati gandha
Sanskrit Name : Kutmam, Puti mudgdhala, Sugandha Trinashita.
Dutch Name : Kanel hene
French Name : Herbe des chemeaux
Spanish Name : Pasto de camellos
Urdu Name : Haree Pyaz (Onion), Green onion (young plant), Aghin ghas 

Parts used : Leaves, flower and rhizome.

System Affected : Digestive and Skin.

Specific action : Analgesic, anti infection and anti tumour.

History :

Many species of the genus Cymbopogon that are mostly grasses are widely cultivated in many countries and some of them like C. Martini (Rusa grass), C. nardus (Citronella grass), c, citrates (Lemon grass) are well know for their essential oil. we know from several prophetic traditions that C.schoenanthus Spreng. existed during the time of out Prophet (S.A.S) and was Idhkhir.

Botanical description

Atufted perenial grass that grows up to two meters in height. Rhizomes short with well demarceted knobs. Leaves prolonged, semiterete, filiform, linear, rounded on the back, channeled on the face or thoseof the culms somewhat flatter and shorter, upto 23 cm long, 1 mm in diameter, both the surfaces rough and sharp and covered by a fine layer of wax.

Medical Properties

Generally healing, useful in liver and stomach problems; antidote to venomous stings, bites etc., helpful in treatment of tumours and cancers.

Flower - Useful in cutaneous and sub-cutaneous and parasitic infection; abortifacient febrifuge.

Leaf :- Has analgesic properties.

Rhizome :- Used as genetal stimulant.

All parts of the plant are aromatic and have variety of medicinal uses.

Essential Oil

It helps to normlise overactive oil glands, dandruff and similar skin problems. It is analgesic, antipyretic, anti fungal and anti-ixidant. Due to ita pleasant lemon like ouder, it is used to fragrance several poducts.

Emotional Attributes

Essential oil has mild spicy aroma, and shows sedative poperties, It calmthe mind and spirit and helps meditation.

Note : The information given is meant for educational purpose only
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