MYRRHA (LOHBAN) :Useful of Myrrha (Nees) for human being - respiratory and digestive system

Very useful of Myrrha (Nees) for human being.

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Commiphora myrrha (Nees) Engl.
Syn. Balsamodendron myrrha T.Nees.

Family : Burseraceae

English name: Myrrha
Arabic Name : Murr
Unani name : Mur (Makki)
Hindi Name : Lohaban, (avala)
Somali name : Mulmul\

Parts used : Resin

System Affected : Respiratory and digestive system.

Specific Action : Anthelmintic, Expectorant.

Another synonym of this plant is Commiphora molmol. This olco-gum resin myrrh, is indigenous to Yemen, Arabia and east Africa. Good quality myrrh is also collected in Somalia and is called mul-mul. In India, myrrh is obtained from Commiphora wightii (Syn. C.Mukul) but it is considered as inferior to other types. In ancient times Makkah was the centre of myrrh trade. Mur Makki was not the resin extracted from the plant in Makkah but it was the name given to the myrrh traded in and exported from makkah.

Botanical description :

A small tree or a stunted bush of about 9 feet in height, trunk thick branches irregular, knotted, branch-let stout clustered, spreading nearly at right angles and terminating in a sharp spine; bark smooth, pale orange-brown that turns ash grey when detached. Leaves few, in small fascicles, with short stalks, at the end of wart-like branchlets, leaflets trifoliate, sessile, oval, acute, entire glabrous on both surfaces.

Juice flows naturally from the myrrha tree upon the bark, at first it is soft and pale- yellow, but by drying becomes hard darker and red.

Medical properties :

Myrrh is used in the treatment of wounds, epidemics, ulcers of eye, indigestion, cracked or aged skin, bruises, eczema, scanty menstruation and over active thyroid. Also helpful in the treatment of varicose veins and ringworm.

Essential Oil :

Essential oil is obtained from the oleo-gum-resin by either solvent extraction (usually ethnol) or an absolute or steam dsitillation. It is sweet warm and spicy, the sweetness increases to deep, warm=spicy on stotage. Used in treatment of infection, difficult to heal wounds, athlet's  footbruises, infection swelling, eczema; increases the production of white blood cells. It is used as gargle and mouth wash to treat mouth and gum diseases. Helps in the treatment of flu cough and cold. activates immune system; regulates over active thyroid; aphrodisiac.

Emotional Attributes :

It has a warm spicy, peppery, pungent sharp-balsamic odour. Since antiquity it has been used to inspire prayer and meditation and to fortify and revitalise the spirit.

1,It is a aromatic resign that is burned as incense and used in perfume.

2. Myrrha is used to promote expectoration, menstruation.

3. The small doses promote digestive, large doses accelerate the pulse, burning. sweating.

Note : The information given is meant for educational purpose only


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