AJWAIN - Thymus Vulgaris Linn (Ajwain) - Prevention from Cough, Skin diseases and Asthma

Medical Benefits of Thymus Vulgaris Linn - Prevention from Cough, Skin diseases and Asthma

Thymus vulgaris Linn.

Family : Labiatae

Unani name : Banjwai, Hasha
Arabic Name: Satar
urdu name ; Ajwain
Telugu Name : Oma

Parts used : Leaf
System Affected : Digestive, Respiratory.

Specific Action : Purgative, Anthelmintic.

Botanical Description

A small srub, about a foot high, much branched, branches, sleder, ascending, opposite , bluntly quadrangular, with pale brown bark, young shoots purplish red, with short, stiff white hairs. Leaves sessile, opposite, oval-lanceolate, blunt, entire, smooth, dotted with many oil glands. Flowers numerous, polygamous on sleder stalks.

Medical Properties

Stimulant, tonic; used in treatment of cough, anuria, amenorrhoea, skin diseases, coagulation of blood, paralysis, asthma, colic and expulsion of warms. Used in the treatment of breathing problems, asthma, gonorrhoea and dyspepsia.

Use of leaf - Used to contorl excess urination and menstruation. used for flavouring non alcoholic beverages.

Preparation of thyme tea : Take leaves, tops chopped - 2 (two) teas spoon full and 1 (one) cup of water and boiled for 10 minutes then strain.

Thyme tea is recommended for spasmodic or dry cough.

essential Oil

Relieves lung congestion, treats indigestion and candida, destroys round worms and intestinal worms. Applied in sprains, bruises and diseases of joints. used in the treatment of chills, cough, asthma, bronchitis and dermatitis. Helpful in diarrhea, colitis, flatulence, urinary tract infection, infectious diseases, tonsillitis, laryngitis, gout and insomnia.

Emotional Attributes

Odour is strong, herbaceous and sweet, acts as nervine and sedative and is given in epilepsy. Relieves mental instebility, meloncholy and nightmares. Prevents memory loss and inefficiency. Reduces stress and anxiety, clears confusion.

Note : The information given is meant for educational purpose only
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