SAFFRON is useful in diseases of Kidney, spleen, liver and brain; cures scabies. Helpful in neuralgic pains and rheumatism.

Medical benefits of Saffron and curing the diseases.

Fragrant Plant - Crocus sativus Linn. (Saffron)

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Family : Iridaceae

Common names
Unani name : Zafran
Hindi Name : Kesar
Telugu Name : Kunkuma Puvvu
Kanda Name : Kesari

Part used : Dried stigmas and top of the styles and essential oil.

System Affected : Digestive and urino-genital system.

specific Action : stimulant, refrigent and emmenagogue.

Botanical description :

A perennial bulbous herb. Its height is 15 to 25 cm. Leaves radical, narrowly linear, channeled, flowers are in violet in colour.
the herb is scented and appearing with leaves; anthers yellow; ovary three celled, stigmas orange coloured; fruits loculicidal capsules.

The saffron sold in the market is the dried style tops with orange coloured stigmas which have the characteristic aroma and bitter taste.

 Medical Properties :

 Saffron is fragrant, bitter; cooling; galactgogue, tonic, aphordisiac; laxative, diuretic; reduces inflammation; useful in diseases of Kidney, spleen, liver and brain; cures scabies; enrich the blood. Useful in the treatment of amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, cough and spasmodic
 asthma. Helpful in neuralgic pains and rheumatism.

 Leaves are useful in fractures and pain in the joints; vulnerary.

 Essential Oil :

 Useful in insomnia of nervous, chronic bronchitis and lung diseases; relaxant. The active ingredient essentil oil is aphrodisiac in nature. The mechanism of sexual stimulation is affected by a slight stimulation of the central nervous system.

 Emotional attributes :

 It is a nerve sedative, help in melancholia. Calms the mind and maintains mental stability.

Note : The information given is meant for educational purpose only
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