LENTIL (Masur Daal) - Cures intestinal problems, Gastric trouble, Ulcers, useful in chest disease, bronchitis and stomatitis, good for eye disease.



Lentille (Fr.)
Adas (Arab. & Pers.)
Masurak (Sanskrit)
Tisi masur (Beng.)
Masur (Hindi., Punj., Urdu, Guj. Marati, Tam.)
Musur (Kash.)
Pappu (Telugu)


Lens culinaris Medic. Syn. Lens esculenta Moench
(Family : leguminosae)

Parts used : Seeds

System affected : Gastro intestinal.
Specific action   : Laxative and Nutritive.

Lentil is considered to be native of Asia Minor, Persia or possibly Hindu Kush. Wild relatives of the cultivated species have been found in central and west Asia countries and a few in the Mediterranean region and Abyssinia. They have been divided into two sub-species Macrospermae and Micropermae.
The former is the large seeded variety of Mediterranean and Africa regions, and the later is the small seeded variety found in western and south-western parts of Asia. It has been valued as an article of food from biblical times (Anonymous, 1996)Lentils along with wheat and barley have been found at site which are dated earlier than 5000 BC in Iran, Syria and Greece (Duke, 1999)


Seeds - Mucilaginous, laxative;
Cures various intestinal affections, soup nutritive, used in gastric troubles; poultice applied to foul and indolent ulcers; enrich the blood, useful in the disease of the chest, bronchitis and stomatitis; good for eye diseases and inflammation of the breast

Nutritive Value;

Protien             : 25.1 gm
Fat                    :   0.7 gm
Minerals          :    2.1 gm
Crude Fibre     :    0.7 gm
Carbohydrates :  59.0 gm
Iron                  :    0.58 gm
Calcium           :  69.0 gm
Phosphorus      :293.0 gm

Values are per 100 gm of edible portion.
Source : Nutritive value of India Foods, NIN.

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