GARLIC (Lahsun) : cures ringworm, ulcers, tumours and wounds, Helpful in High B.P, Skin, ear disorders.




Ail (Fr.)
Knoblauch (Ger.)
Allium (Lat.)
Shoomim (Heb.)
Korodot (Gr.)
Thum, Theriac Al-Fuqara (Arab.)
Lahsun (Sans., Mar., Guj., Hindi and Urdu)
Ajo (Sp.)
Chesnok (Russian)
Sear (Pers.)
Valipandu (Tamil)
Velluli (Telugu)
Villutulli (Mal.)
Rohan (Kash)
Rosum (Beng.)
Thum (Punj)


Allium sativam Linn.
(Family : Liliaceae)

Parts Used : Bulb and Oil.

System Affected : Circulatory and digestive system.

Specific Action : Alternative tonic for gastro-intestinal tract, blood purifier.

History :

Botanically Garlic is identified as Allium sativum. Use of garlic embedded in many different ancient cultures its medicinal properties are found in almost all the writings of the ancient world.Most scholars agree that garlic originated in the Middle East, and has been cultivated long before the recorded history. The history of garlic can be traced back to the 5th millennium BC, when it was offered to Gods and painted on the walls of tombs. Garlic was staple in the ancient Sumerian diet. During the time of Egypt's Pharaohs and early Chinese dynasties, garlic was served as food, medicine and offering.

Medical Properties :

The main active constituent of the bulb of garlic is a volatile oil which is present in 0.1 to 0.3 percent. This oil, which has a repulsive odour and repugnant taste, contains allyl propyl disulphide and diallyl disulphide as the main constituents.Apart from this, the bulb also contain small quantities of starch, mucilage, protein and sugar.

Garlic is known for its great medicinal properties. Because of its wide occurrence and easy availability, It is remedy for many diseases and is effective in checking high blood pressure. It is hot, stimulant, carminative, emmenagogue, anti rheumatic, anthelmentic altrative and is very useful in bronchial and asthmatic complaint.

  • Cleans and purifies blood impurities
  • remove parasites found in the intestine and regulate digestion
  • It is recommended for the complaints lungs, bronchial catarrh, asthma, loss of appetite, intestinal and warms.
  • Used in treat atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, neuralgia and rheumatism.
  • Externally the poultice of garlic is used to relieve of urine due to debility of the bladder.
  • Also used as liniment in nervous spasmodic affections and infantile convulsions.
  • It brings relief when rubbed over ringworm. 
  • Oil is applied to maggot-infested ulcers, indolent tumours and wounds.
  • When given with common salt, garlic improves the nervous system and relieves headache, flatulence,hysteria etc.
  • Garlic has also been found efficacious in sore throat, paralysis, gout, sciatica and many skin diseases.
  • Externally the juice of garlic is a highly effective remedy for many ear disorders, including deafness.
Nutritive Values (Garlic Dry) :

Protein                          6.3 gm
Fat                                0.1 gm
Minerals                       1,0 gm
Crude Fibre                  0.8 gm
Carbohydrates            29.8 gm
Iron                              1.2 gm
Calcium                     30.0 gm
Phosphorus              310.0 gm

Value are per 100 gm of edible portion.
Source : NIN, Hyderabad. 

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