ONION - useful in Earache, antidote for tobacco poisoning, Its stimulant, remedy for colic & scurvy, hysterical fits. spleen, astma, piles, malaria, vomiting, scabies and night blindness.




Oignon (Fr.)
Zwiebel (Ger.)
Caipo, Unio (Lat.)
Cipolla (It.)
Krommva, Kromfon (Gr.)
Cebolla (Sp.)
Piyaz (Pers., Punj., Hindi and Urdu)
Basal (Arab.)
Palandu (Sans.)
Piyanj (Beng.)
Vulli (Tel.)
Vengam (Tam.)
Ulli (Mal.)
Kanda (Guj., Mar.)
Ganda (kash)


Allium cepa linn.
(Family : Liliaceae)

System Affect : Digestive system

Specific Action : Appetiser, stomachic, resolvent and aphrodisiac.


In old civilisation of Asia and Africa, eating garlic and onion, though very common, was not looked upon as a good habit. However, in none of the both these common vegetables are highly useful medicinally but have a repulsive odour and pungent taste particularly when taken raw. Onion might have originated in Persia (Iran) and Bauchisthan. It is possible that they were indigenous from Palestine to India. Finwick and Hanley (1985) reported that about 4000 years ago onions were grown and widely used for cooking in Sumeria. According to Charaka an Indian Physician of second century A.D., the unions were not considered as a suitable food for people pursuing the spiritual life.

Medical Properties  

Onions are an important ingredient in many food preparations. Though raw onions cause bad breath, yet it is commonly eaten for its antiseptic val for the entire alimentary canal. It is stimulant, diuretic and expectorant. Mixed with common salt, onion is a remedy for colic and scurvy and the roasted onion is applied as poultice to indolent boils. Onion juice is often smelled for the recovery from faintness beside being used in infantile convulsions, headache, epileptic and hysterical fits. It is also good antidote for tobacco poisoning. To relieve earache, warm onion juice is dropped in ear.

A decoction of the onion is very beneficial for checking extreme heat sensation. In cases of piles, roaster onion is an ia an effective remedy. 

Useful in diseases of spleen, asthma, piles, opthalmia, malaria, vomiting, scabies, enriches the blood of woman, applied to eyes in night blindness.

Nutritive Value

Proteins                1.8 gm
Fat                        0.1 gm
Minerals               0.6 gm
Crude Fibre          0.6 gm
Carbohydrates    12.6 gm
Iron                       1.2 gm
Calcium              40.0 gm
Phosphorus         60.0 gm

Values are per 100 gm of edible portion.
Source : NIN, Hyd.

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