FIG (Anjir) - Useful in removing the gravel in the kidney or the bladder,CURE FOR PILES, PARALYSIS, HAIR groWth,cures PILES


Ficus carica Linn.

(Family : Moraceae)

FIG  :


Figue (Fr.)
Feige (Ger.)
Ficus-Carica (Lat.)
Teenah (Heb.)
Teen (Arab.)
Inzhir (Russ.)
Fico (It.)
Suiko (Gr.)
Higo (Sp.)
Anjir (Pers., Hindi, Urdu, Punj., Mar., Beng.)
Peralle, Seema Atti (Mal.), Dumur (Beng.)
Kakudumberica (Sans.)Anjur (Kash.)

Parts Used : Fruit and Root.

System Affected : Gastro-intestinal, respiratory.

Specific Action : Laxative, Demulcent, expectorant, deobstruent.


Fig is native of Syria, Palestine and Egypt. It also grows wild in the Mediterranean countries and is also cultivated in most of the warm and temperate climates. It has been a favourite from earliest times for its beautiful foliage and for its fruits. It was introduced in Italy more than two thousand years ago where it became naturalised soon and spread very fast throughout the southern Europe including Greece. In Greece, Fig became probably the most popular fruit during the time of Plato. He liked Fig so much that people started calling him Philosokos which means the lover (Philo) of Fig (Sokos) and so the word Philosopher Originated. The English word Sycophant has also its origin in Sukos (Fig). It is said that in the olden days people used to give information about the availability of Figs in and around Athens and such men were called Fig-informers i.e. Sukophantal. This word afterwards became Sycophant in English.

It is important to note that the true Fig is Ficus carica but other Ficus species too are also called Fig. Some are known as wild Fig and some as Indian Fig etc. The Indian peepal tree (Ficus religiosa)  under which Goutham Buddha got Nirvana. Though native to India, the occurrence of the Peepalin Arabia during the days of Holy Christ, or even earlier can not be ruled out. Thus the Arabic word teen, which has its origin in Semetic language, might have also been used for all Ficus species. Whatever may be the case, the fact remains that Teen (Fig) was an important tree of Palestine and other places and it was because of its importance that it found mention in the Qur'an.

Botanical Description

Fig tree is a shrub or small deciduous tree. Branchlets and underside of leaves pubescent. Leaves cordate, deeply lobed, lobes obtuse, Petiole 5 to 7.5 cm long. 

Fig is a remarkable fruit. In fact it is neither fruit nor flower, though partaking of both. It is a hollow fleshy receptacle, enclosing a multitude of flowers, which never get to see the light of the day and yet come to full perfection and ripen their seeds. 


Fig is a highly nutritious fruit. Since it does not contain any fibre, persons recovering from long illness are specially advised to take it. Apart from about sixty per cent of sugars. it contains appreciable amount of citric acid, malic acid and several inorganic salts. An important enzyme, Ficin is also present in it. Fig fruit is intact a wholesome food which is easily digested

  • Medicinally it is very effective in removing the gravel in the kidney  or the bladder and also helps in the removal of the obstruction of the liver and spleen in sub-acute cases.
  • The fruit is also given as a cure for piles and gout.
  • It is also beneficial in infantile liver.
  • The fruit is a highly nutritious and given to the persons recovering from long sick are advised to take it.  
  • Root - Tonic and has been found useful in leucoderma and ringworm.
  • Fruit - Sweet : Use for purgative, antipyretic, alexiteric,
  • Tonic and aphrodisiac; useful in weakness, thirst, inflammation, paralysis, diseases of spleen and liver, pain in chest, stimulates hair growth, cures piles. 
  • Milky Juice - Heating, diuretic and expectorant,
  • Juice for applying eyes is dangerous
  • Dry fruit - Dry fruit is considered as nutritious.
  • Dry fruit is relieves constipation
  • And is considered useful against phlegm.
  • And it also acts as diaphoretic.
  • and is used to make the symptoms of small-pox and chicken-pox apparent.
  • Milky juice from the fresh, green fruit and latex from fruit are active against Warts
  • When the dry fruit is taken along with walnut kernel (Juglens regia Linn.) Akhrot, it acts an excellent aphrodisiac.
Figs are considered useful in the prevention of nutritional anaemia.

Proteins                 : 1.3 gm
Fat                         : 0.2 gm
minerals                : 0.6 gm
Crude Fibre          : 2.2 gm
Carohydrates        : 7.6 gm
Iron                      ; 1.0 gm
Calcium               : 80.0 gm
Phosphorus          : 30.0 gm

values are per 100 gm of edible portion.
Source : NIN, ICMR Hyd.


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